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An electronic connector is a type of conductive device that is used in order to join two or more electrical circuits together. These electrical circuits can refer to either two lengths of flexible cable, or it can refer to a cable and an electrical terminal.

There are three main states of electronic connectors: temporary, assembly required and permanent. Temporary electronic connectors are best-suited for applications such as portable equipment, whereas electronic connectors that require assembly (as well as removal later) are better-suited for applications with more longevity. Lastly, permanent electronic connectors are used only for applications that are definitively going to be long-term. In addition to the different states of electronic connectors, there are also many different types of electrical connector types, each of which are better-suited for specific applications due to variations in material, size and other physical characteristics. Some applications and industries that electronic connectors are widely used within include: electronics, in which various types such as DIN connectors are often used for loudspeakers and analog radio equipment, and PCB connectors for printed circuit boards; industrial, in which power connectors are often used for electrical power control applications; and military, in which certain types, such as military connectors, are specifically manufactured to military specifications (MIL-SPEC).

Some Leading Manufacturers

Micro Forms, Inc.

Garland, TX | 866-494-1313

As a precision manufacturer, Micro Forms provides all kinds of metal stampings for electronic connector components. We manufacture pins, terminals, brackets, clips, and many other electronic connector parts and pieces. Our in-house tool and die shop allow us to design, build, and maintain a multitude of tools which we can use to create unique components for your applications. We support high to medium volume manufacturing and provide prototyping capabilities. Get in touch with us today for more information!

Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc.

Campbell, CA | 888-788-4884

Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. is the world’s premier power cord and electronic connector manufacturer! We manufacture products for OEM’s in industries like computers, security, wireless, hospital grade, medical grade, networking, and many more! It is our goal here at Signal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. to provide the finest value for quality, prices, and service! Visit our website or contact one of our sales representatives today!


Setauket, NY | 888-240-3606

Since 1999, Technomag, Inc. has been providing a wide range of electronic connectors to many industries! We specialize in supplying obsolete and long lead time semiconductors and active and passive components. Our electronic connectors are used in industries like audio, telecommunications, broadcast, electric power, and many more! We also offer a wide variety of other products including magnets, LED lighting, capacitors, and more! Call us today or visit our website to learn more!

Kord King

Lancaster, PA | 800-818-4916

Kord King manufactures electronic connectors, power cords, wire harnesses, and more for a wide variety of industries! Our shop floor utilizes the most up-to-date equipment to provide the highest quality products. We start with quality to end with quality! We have over 35 years of experience in providing quality products at competitive prices. Visit our website or call one of our representatives today! We look forward to working with you!

Quail Electronics, Inc.

Livermore, CA | 800-669-8090

Quail Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in power cord supplies and electronic connectors! We offer extensive lines of our products to meet the needs of many different industries! We have a qualified team of sales associates that will work with you to accommodate your application needs! We offer same day shipping, competitive pricing, low minimums, and a large array of products in stock! Trust Quail Electronics, Inc. for all your power needs!

United Universal Industries, Inc.

Joliet, IL | 800-683-7228

United Universal Industries is your reliable source for power supply cords, cord sets, and electronic connectors. We offer a multitude of power cord products and electronic connectors for industrial, medical, and commercial applications. With over molding and insert molding capabilities, we can create custom and unique connectors to satisfy even your most challenging connector needs. Give us a call today to see how we can serve you!

Electronic connectors can be used to transfer alternating current (AC) power or direct current (DC) power. Alternating current power is when the electric charge periodically reverses direction, whereas direct current power is when the electric charge maintains a constant movement of electrical charge in one direction. While the electronic connector in no way transmits the electric charge itself, it does allow the electric charge to pass between the two points with minimum distortion or loss of the charge. The most fundamental aspect of an electronic connector is its contact system. The contact system of an electronic connector is very essential because its dimension configuration establishes the contact forces, density requirements and mechanical features of the electronic connector. Some advantageous characteristics that electronic connectors may feature include high insulation value, low contact resistance, highly durable and feature a rugged construction. In addition to being able to transfer two different types of electrical power, electronic connectors are also categorized by two different basic configurations: male and female. A male-configured electronic connector can be used to connect, also referred to as plug into, electrical circuits such as receptacles, outlets and jacks. Female-configured electronic connectors, conversely, do not plug into electrical circuits, but act as sockets that receive electrical circuits.

There are many different types of electronic connectors, although some are more commonly used in industrial-type applications than others. Some of the more common types of electronic connectors include pin connectors, cable connectors and wire connectors, fiber optic connectors and amp connectors. Pin connectors, on the other hand, refer to male-configured electronic connectors that have pins that allow them to plug into female electrical circuits or connectors. Pin connectors can have one or multiple pins for connecting. Cable connectors and wire connectors are also extremely broad categories of electronic connectors, and refer to the material used to make the electronic connector. A cable is a strong, heavy rope with a large diameter made from steel or fiber materials (which may be covered with an electrically-insulating material), whereas a wire is a pliable metallic strand, also called a rod, that can be made in varied lengths and diameters that can, if appropriate, be electrically insulated. Also referring to the material the connector is constructed from, fiber optic connectors are manufactured from very fine, flexible glass or plastic fibers. Conversely, amp connectors refer to the electrical current flow being transmitted rather than the material the connector is manufactured from. An amp is a unit of measurement that is defined as the basic unit of electrical current.

There are other types of electronic connectors that are widely-used, though are less common than those previously listed due to their more specific intentions. These types include DIN connectors, coaxial connectors, PCB connectors and RF connectors. A DIN connector is an electronic connector that meets the standards established by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), which is the German national standards organization. A DIN connector must specifically state the relevant DIN standard that it adheres to. At times referred to as coax connectors, coaxial connectors are a broad category in which many different sub-types of electronic connectors fall within. The term coaxial refers to having or being mounted on a common axis, and coaxial cables are able to maintain this form across the electrical connection. PCB connectors specifically refer to electronic connectors used with printed circuit boards, which are insulated boards on which interconnected circuits and components (for example, microchips) are either mounted or etched. Lastly, a RF connector is a type of electronic connector used to work with radio frequencies within the multi-megahertz range. RF connectors are typically a type of coaxial connector.

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