Cable Connectors

Used in a variety of audio and video applications, electronic connectors usually screw or plug into specific places in electronic equipment by way of an assembly of one or more semi-flexible wires.

Cable connectors have male and female components that join together by way of their information source. The female connectors attach to the electrical component, while the male plug connects to the information supplier. These cables can be color-coded in order to facilitate connection of several cables to one component, such as a single core equipment wire, which has a plastic coating available in a variety of colors.

Other kinds of cable connectors include: stranded wire, which is comprised of several thin strands of wire, covered with a plastic coating that provides both flexibility and protection and is used for more exposed connections that have the possibility of being interfered with; the figure 8 (or speaker) cable, which involves two stranded wires organized in a figure-8 shape is appropriate for signals with low voltage and low current; a signal cable, which is made up of numerous color-coded bodies of stranded wire contained inside of a plastic covering is generally used for low voltage and low current signals where protection from electrical disturbances is not necessary; a screened cable, which consists of a central wire that transports the signal within a screen that guards against electrical disturbances and is used for audio signals; the co-axial cable, which is constructed to transport high frequency signals, like those located in TV aerials; and the mains flex cable connector, which consists of either two or three bodies of stranded wires within a coating of thick insulation, and is used in circumstances of high voltage between appliances and a primary source of power.

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Cable connectors are what allow us to move information from one device to another, and therefore vital to our modern society. Computers, for one, involve a plethora of various kinds of cable connectors, many of which connect itself to its assorted components via the rear panel. As computers have become a fundamental part of our homes, schools and businesses, cable connectors have become a necessity. Televisions also use cable cords to receive a signal from cable providers and to connect to DVD players and video game consoles.

Cable Connectors Cable connectors are used to establish a connection between cable cords and electronic components in order to send electricity or telecommunication signals.