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A cable connector enables the physical connection of two devices for various uses. These include connecting hardware devices to a system using a PC cable, connecting to a network using a networking cable, and connecting audio and video equipment to a system using an audio/video cable. Read More…

Cable Connectors Cable connectors are used to establish a connection between cable cords and electronic components in order to send electricity or telecommunication signals.

Interpower is a company that is committed to providing industries with high-quality products. We manufacture electronic connectors. We make it easy for customers to design, build and maintain products for worldwide markets. We use teamwork to provide fast turnaround and great service to our customers.

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Quail Electronics is a leading supplier of electrical components such as power cords and appliance electronic connectors. If you don't find what you need in our stock items, we can customize a product to meet needs.

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Kord King manufactures world class electronic connectors, electric cords and plugs, electrical receptacles, plug adapters, cord sets and much more. From initial design to development, whether you are looking for a cable assembly or a power supply cord, the experienced team at Kord King delivers rapid order turn-around times and excellent products – consistently adhering to our strict quality...

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Aries Electronics Inc. manufactures electronic interconnect products and other electronic components. Some products include zero insertion force test sockets, intelligent connectors, adapters, ball grid array sockets, land grid array sockets, high-frequency test sockets, and burn-in sockets.

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Since 1977, we have manufactured electronic connectors, RF connectors, card edge connectors plus cable assemblies. Nemal Electronics' products are used in broadcast, data, electronic control and RF applications. We have a stock of DIN connector products or we can custom make what you need.

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UI is an authorized distributor of high-quality electronic components. Through a variety of product lines, we offer items such as electronic connectors including cable connectors as well as capacitors, switches, relays, terminals and more. We are a NEDA Supplier Authorized Distributor.

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Cable Connector Terminology


A female connector has a hole in it to receive and hold the pin of an accompanying male connector unit.


The orientation of the connector's connection is referred to as polarity. Most connectors only connect in one direction to avoid attaching a connector incorrectly. These connectors are referred to as being keyed or polarized.


These are the metal components that provide an electrical connection. These components make a connector function; if they become oxidized or dirty, connectors may not function properly.


Several contacts are organized in a repeating pattern on some connectors. Pitch, in this context, refers to the separation between the centers of the previous and subsequent contacts. Therefore, the correct pitch size is necessary to locate compatible matching connectors.

Mating Cycles:

A connector gets worn out over time by being connected and disconnected. A connector is only connected and disconnected once throughout a mating cycle. Connectors can vary in the number of mating cycles. For instance, board-to-board connectors in consumer electronics may have a maximum mating cycle limit of 10-15, but USB cables can have mating cycles of up to tens of thousands.

Cable Connectors

Connectors for Device Cables


Computers once used these now-obsolete wires to link to printers. They were fairly robust cables; however, they are no longer in use.


These resemble parallel connectors in terms of being a USB cable's forerunner. They fed information sequentially, one bit at a time.

Universal Serial Bus (USB):

Today, every device uses a USB device. These come in various varieties, as listed below:

USB Connectors

There are three USB cable versions: 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Each number represents an improved level of signaling standards through a cable that supports a higher data transfer rate with each subsequent generation.

USB 3.1 and 3.2:

These cables enable rapid data transfer and carry more power for quicker device charging.


The USB Type-A:

Universal USB connectors were designed to host other USB-compatible devices. Universal Type-A connectors feature a rectangular shape.

USB Type-B:

Type-B connectors feature a square plug-in shape. They offered faster speeds than Type-A connectors and were designed so that someone couldn't accidentally connect two computers sharing peripheral devices. However, the technology quickly replaced them with the next generation of connecting devices due to their relatively large size.

Mini and Micro Type-B USB Cables:

These cables can be used with various mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras.

USB Type-C Cables:

These cables can be used with mobile devices and are reversible. Devices or connectors can use in any direction to plug them in.

Connectors for Audio Cables

3.5mm Audio Jack:

These are the industry standard connectors that you see people using to plug their headphones into their smartphones. There are black stripes on these connectors. A connector is a 3-pole connector if it has two black stripes and a 4-pole connector if it has three black stripes. An additional microphone on headphones or earbuds is indicated by this extra strip on the 4-pole connector.

Fiber Optic Audio Cable:

Fiber optic cables transmit data via light. These cables have an advantage over copper wires in that they don't produce any noise, giving off a clear sound.

Barrel Connectors:

Cheap consumer electronics plug into the wall via an AC (alternating current) wall adapter typically uses barrel connectors. In addition, barrel connections are frequently used to connect electricity to small devices since wall adaptors come in various power and voltage levels.

Molex connector

Molex Connectors:

Molex connectors are commonly used to supply power to hard drives, optical drives, and other peripheral devices. These connections have a high current-carrying capacity of up to 11 amps per pin. Therefore, Molex connectors can use a PC power supply and link system circuits via these connectors for applications that require a lot of power, like 3D printers or CNC machines. A female portion of the cable's end fits into a plastic casing that encloses the pins of a male connector. However, these connectors are not appropriate for systems that require frequent connecting and disconnecting because of how tightly they join.

Choosing the Right Cable Connector Supplier

To ensure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing cable connectors from a cable connector supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of cable connector suppliers. Each cable connector supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the company for more information or request a quote. Review each cable connector business website using our proprietary website previewer to learn more about what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple cable connector companies with the same form.

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