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A coaxial connector wraps the wire with an insulated core. The insulated core is housed inside a cylindrical conductor. This is known as “the shield.” A cylindrical conductor is wrapped around an insulated core conducting wire to form coaxial connectors (the shield). A second insulating layer and an outer protective layer are often wrapped around the cable Read More…

Coaxial Connectors Coaxial or coax connectors is an electrical connector constructed to transmit broadband signals and other high-frequency transmissions in the multi-megahertz range, like demonstrated in radio frequencies.

Aries Electronics Inc. manufactures electronic interconnect products and other electronic components. Some products include zero insertion force test sockets, intelligent connectors, adapters, ball grid array sockets, land grid array sockets, high-frequency test sockets, and burn-in sockets.

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Interpower is a company that is committed to providing industries with high-quality products. We manufacture electronic connectors. We make it easy for customers to design, build and maintain products for worldwide markets. We use teamwork to provide fast turnaround and great service to our customers.

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Quail Electronics is a leading supplier of electrical components such as power cords and appliance electronic connectors. If you don't find what you need in our stock items, we can customize a product to meet needs.

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Kord King manufactures world class electronic connectors, electric cords and plugs, electrical receptacles, plug adapters, cord sets and much more. From initial design to development, whether you are looking for a cable assembly or a power supply cord, the experienced team at Kord King delivers rapid order turn-around times and excellent products – consistently adhering to our strict quality...

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Since 1977, we have manufactured electronic connectors, RF connectors, card edge connectors plus cable assemblies. Nemal Electronics' products are used in broadcast, data, electronic control and RF applications. We have a stock of DIN connector products or we can custom make what you need.

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UI is an authorized distributor of high-quality electronic components. Through a variety of product lines, we offer items such as electronic connectors including cable connectors as well as capacitors, switches, relays, terminals and more. We are a NEDA Supplier Authorized Distributor.

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Coaxial connectors are put on the ends of wires when connecting cables. Large amounts of information can be carried using coaxial cables and connections. Radio frequency (RF) signals are sent via these connectors, known as "coax" connectors in high-speed data and CATV applications. Coaxial connectors can be used as tiny power connectors when connecting extra-low voltage equipment like consumer electronics. These plugs are mostly used as a DC connector on a cable that is connected to an external power source.

coaxial connectors

Across manufacturers and models, connector sizes and shapes don't always match the power specs. Using the incorrect power source could seriously harm equipment or even start a fire. F-type or N-type connectors are often used as connectors for home video setups. F-type connectors have a screw-type coupling and a frequency range of up to 1.5GHz. The incorporated gasket in Type N connections keeps out the elements and creates a space between the inner and outer conductors. While it typically has an impedance of 50 ohms, 11GHz variants with a 75 ohm impedance exist.

Properties of Coaxial Connectors

A coax cable can be distinguished and classified by gender, cable orientation, and coating substance. Coaxial power jacks are generally considered "male," and coaxial power plugs are considered "female". Male connectors are often referred to as "header" or "free connectors", because they are the moveable component in coaxial RF connectors. They are often connected to a cable or detachable sub-assembly. Plugs are put into female connectors, which act as connecting points, to form circuit connections.

male connector
female connectors
  • Plating Material: The most popular plating for coaxial connectors are copper, gold, nickel, or silver.
  • Copper is frequently used for plating because it conducts electricity and works with other plating metals. Copper plating is malleable, easy to polish, and a superior heat conductor.
  • Silver is a cost-effective option for plating. Silver works well for anti-galling applications because it's lubricious and easy to solder.
  • Nickel: Nickel is utilized for magnetic, lubricious, and wear-resistant applications. Nickel has aesthetic advantages because it maintains its naturally smooth, grey appearance. It is a suitable plating choice if you need something corrosion-resistant.
  • Gold: Electronics and aeronautical industries frequently employ gold plating. The third-best electrical conductor is gold (after silver and copper). It has the best corrosion resistance. Additionally, gold is heat-conducting and simple to solder.


Coaxial connectors are either straight or right-angled. The system in which the connector must fit determines the connector's geometry. It is also crucial to consider the cable size. RG-6 and RG-59 coaxial cable types are the most common. The letters RG stand for "Radio Guide," and the number represents the cable's internal features, including the degree of shielding and attenuation. This measures how much the signal strength weakens in proportion to the length of the cable (e.g., 59 means .059).

Types of Coaxial Connectors

The varieties of coaxial connectors are numerous, with numbered or lettered identifiers. BMA, BMMA, BNC, BNC, DVI, FME, MCX, MMCX, MHV, RCA, SC, SMA, SSMA, SMB, SSMB, SMP, TNC, UHF, XLR, and ZNA connections are examples of lettered connectors. The 1.6/5.6, 7-16, and 1.0/2.3 connections are numbered devices.


Performance specifications for coaxial connectors include:

  • Impedance - The nominal resistance in terms of impedance is typically 50 or 75 ohms.
  • Frequency range - The range of frequencies over which coaxial connections are intended to operate is known as the frequency range.
  • Voltage rating - The maximum operational voltage is known as voltage rating.
  • Contact resistance - The electrical resistance of mated contacts when integrated in a connector and used under normal service conditions is measured as contact resistance.
  • Insulation resistance - Electric resistance between two conductors that are separated by an insulating substance is known as insulation resistance.
  • Operating temperature - The entire needed range of ambient temperature is referred to as the connector's operating temperature.

Choosing the Right Coaxial Connector Manufacturer

For the most beneficial outcome when purchasing coaxial connectors from a coaxial connector manufacturer, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of coaxial connector manufacturers. Each coaxial connector manufacturer has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each coaxial connector business website using our patented website previewer to learn more about what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple coaxial connector businesses with the same form.

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