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Power connections are broadly defined as any device that transfers power from a power source to a component. Power connectors are available in many unique shapes and sizes due to the enormous number of applications that utilize them. Read More…

Power Connectors A power connector is a type of electrical connector used to transmit a considerable amount of power between a power source and a device that runs on that particular form of power.

Aries Electronics Inc. manufactures electronic interconnect products and other electronic components. Some products include zero insertion force test sockets, intelligent connectors, adapters, ball grid array sockets, land grid array sockets, high-frequency test sockets, and burn-in sockets.

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Interpower is a company that is committed to providing industries with high-quality products. We manufacture electronic connectors. We make it easy for customers to design, build and maintain products for worldwide markets. We use teamwork to provide fast turnaround and great service to our customers.

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Quail Electronics is a leading supplier of electrical components such as power cords and appliance electronic connectors. If you don't find what you need in our stock items, we can customize a product to meet needs.

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Kord King manufactures world class electronic connectors, electric cords and plugs, electrical receptacles, plug adapters, cord sets and much more. From initial design to development, whether you are looking for a cable assembly or a power supply cord, the experienced team at Kord King delivers rapid order turn-around times and excellent products – consistently adhering to our strict quality...

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Since 1977, we have manufactured electronic connectors, RF connectors, card edge connectors plus cable assemblies. Nemal Electronics' products are used in broadcast, data, electronic control and RF applications. We have a stock of DIN connector products or we can custom make what you need.

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UI is an authorized distributor of high-quality electronic components. Through a variety of product lines, we offer items such as electronic connectors including cable connectors as well as capacitors, switches, relays, terminals and more. We are a NEDA Supplier Authorized Distributor.

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A few power connectors we encounter daily include:

Power Connectors
  • The specialized connectors found within computer casings
  • The plugs used to connect appliances to electrical outlets
  • The cables that connect batteries to automobiles

Working Principle of Electrical Power Connectors

A power connector operates according to basic conductivity principles. It is made of a conductive material and an adaptor that allows a power source and a load (an electrical component or circuit that consumes the electric power) to communicate with one another. To ensure they are kept from a power supply too strong for the devices they power, some power connectors have ratings based on the maximum amount of electric power they will allow to be transferred to a device.

Various Types of Power Connectors

Power connectors come in a variety of styles. This section will discuss the most common types in the sections that follow.

Automotive Connectors

Automotive connectors come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. These connectors are mass-produced to provide numerous connections to the various low-current electrical circuits used in automobiles. These power connectors are also great examples of devices designed to resist specific conditions since they are typically made of materials resistant to the petrochemicals found in the car parts where they are most likely to be installed. They are designed to survive every vehicle's extreme conditions during operation.

Automotive sealed connector

DC Power Connector

DC (direct current) power connectors are frequently used with a transformer plug, also referred to as a wall wart, to lower the voltage to a level suitable to the power equipment.

Compact Power Connector

Compact power connectors are designed to be used in equipment where the power connections must be as covert and undetectable as possible. These often have many safety features to prevent users from contacting their leads directly. In addition, they may use a variety of alternate output and input combinations to support varied designs.

DC Power Sockets

DC power sockets are the outlets used by DC power plugs. They are typically easy to identify because of the solitary prong in the center of the cylindrical socket (the classic mouth-and-pair-of-eyes design). Adapters are frequently created in a variety of sizes to fit them. These adapters connect to the wall current, convert alternating current to direct current, lower the voltage to the necessary level, and then output the proper voltage and current into the power plug. This socket ensures safety by limiting the voltage or current that may be applied to an appliance, or another item, receiving the power because it is frequently designed to accommodate just one type of plug.

DIN 43650 Solenoid Connectors

DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung, or German Institute for Standardization) connectors have their standards set by this German organization. DIN 43650 solenoid connectors are typically utilized in industrial environments due to the additional safety provided by their four-prong design. In addition, these connectors can frequently be inserted into a standard socket, and electronic component sellers offer these devices for equipment frequently rated for higher voltages.

Hazardous Area Power Connectors

Hazardous areas must utilize safety devices to prevent unnecessary risk to those working with electrical appliances where there are dangerous conditions. Hazardous area power connectors and other components are helpful in this situation. Hazardous area power connectors frequently have safety features that make them a safer choice for workers and other persons in conditions where water, environmental pollutants, and other risks may be a concern. For example, these power connections snap firmly into a socket, keeping out unwanted materials like water. These connectors are also created from materials resistant to specific contaminants to prevent an insulating breakdown.


Heavy Duty Power Connectors

Generally speaking, household connectors are made to carry less power than what is provided through heavy-duty power connectors. These devices are highly durable and tightly connected to the power supply, so they cannot be easily removed or damaged while still supplying power to industries under the toughest conditions.

Lighting Connectors

Lighting connectors were developed to provide numerous lighting options with a reliable electrical connection. The most obvious example is light sockets, which provide a way to connect a home's light bulb to the electric grid supplying its power.

Power Connectors for Solar Power

Solar power connectors have been developed with solar power systems and the electronics they power. Some of them are affixed to windows and include a standard electrical outlet connector that may power battery chargers and other low-voltage equipment. Other solar connectors are large, heavy objects that are merged to transmit power from solar panel formations to residences and, if there is a surplus, back to the power grid.

Choosing the Right Power Connector Company

To ensure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing power connectors from a power connector company, it is important to compare several businesses using our directory of power connector businesses. Each power connector company has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the company for more information or request a quote. Review each power connector business website using our patented website previewer for a better understanding of what each business specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple companies with the same form.

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